I setup Silver Angels in mid-2020 as a way to continue my understanding of ageing, longevity and the broader elder/seniorcare ecosystem in India. Browsing through this website will provide you a bird’s eye view of this evolving space and opportunities in the silver economy, focused on products and services for older adults and seniors.

The 2021 recap is a good place to start while the essay section captures a few cross-cutting themes in this evolving ecology, slightly longerish reads. The newsletter is a good way to stay updated about developments in this space.

You can reach me on mahesh@silverangels.in.

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Mahesh Venkateswaran (Vee)

Check out http://www.silverangels.in for the latest developments in longevity, ageing and seniorcare in India. #silvereconomy #ageing #eldercare #seniorcare #longevity